Hot buffets

*Individual format available at all times*



All our menus are served with the salad of the moment (see below examples), accompanied by stir-fried vegetables, rice or potatoes, a basket of fresh bread and butter, and an assortment of desserts.  

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Indian butter chicken stew on bed of basmati rice and naan bread  
Minced Thai chicken, stir-fried vegetables and perfumed rice  
Tandoori chicken skewer, basmati rice and vegetable  
Soho chicken, grilled zucchini and peppers, emulsion of citrus, fine herbs and goat cheese  
General Tao, peppers, julienne vegetables and green onions, perfumed rice  
Basquaise chicken stew, tomato sauce, peppers and herbs from Provence  



Braised beef with garden vegetables and rice  
Grilled marinated beef skewer, vegetables and Porto sauce  
Teriyaki beef sauté, stir fried vegetables and perfumed rice  
Classic beef Bourguignon  
Epicure Steak (marinated 48 hrs) grilled, Texan sauce  



Honey and garlic marinated pork skewer, rice and vegetables  
Maple glazed pork filet, Dijon and tarragon sauce  
Pork tenderloin with apple sauce flambéed in Porto  
Bistro’s BBQ Ribs marinated in our homemade secret BBQ sauce*** +1$  



Grilled salmon pavé and citrus sauce  
Grilled salmon pavé, crunchy vegetable salsa with lemon shallot  
Florentine salmon and goat cheese  



Cauliflower General Tao, basmati rice and vegetables julienne cut +3$  
Marinated and grilled vegetable and tofu Tian, tomato and basilica sauce, rice +3$  
Mushrooms stuffed ravioli with cream, brie cheese and white wine sauce +3$  
Vegan breast, bruschetta, sautéed vegetables and pilaf rice +4$  
Vegetarian lasagna, served with Broccoli salad with raisins and roasted almonds, creamy vinaigrette  

Examples of salad

Broccoli salad with raisins and roasted almonds, creamy vinaigrette  
Mediterranean orzo salad  
Chickpea and bell pepper salad  
Classic Greek salad  
Bocconcini, tomato and cucumber with pesto salad  

***Bistro Epicure specialities