Centre for Early Childhood

Since 2007, Traiteur Épicure has been working tirelessly to feed your children with healthy meals and snacks. We make every meal from scratch in our kitchen with fresh and selected produce. This enables our Chefs to reduce salt, sugar and fat from our recipes. Every day we take part in the fight against childhood obesity and we are proud to open the range of tastes your children experience. Our menus meet the Canadian food guide and we respect all food restrictions.  If you have any question, please contact us at 819-777-1125 or administration@traiteurepicure.ca

Daily service

The daily menu consists of :

  • Morning snack
  • Hot lunch with fresh fruit
  • Afternoon snack

Deliveries are made daily between 8 and 11:45 am. All containers are picked up the next day.

Occasional service

Your Chef is sick. It’s time for the annual vacation. Our services are available on a 24 hour notice.

In case of an emergency, equipment repair, renovations or else, call us before 8:00 am and we will get you out of your jam.  Please call directly 819-772-0971